Radiant Health via the 7 Consciousness gears by Gary Bate

I hope my title intrigues you enough to read this, my article. When you consider that 'Consciousness is Everything' then the title should already make some sense to you.

The health of a person's body is determined by their consciousness and even environmental factors and inherited genes are either propagated by or superseded by the person's mind.

The realisation of Radiant Health is congruent with the highest consciousness; it is an extraordinary state of mind and thus an extraordinary state of being (body). The highest consciousness is known as Christ consciousness, so I am hereby equating this with Radiant Health.

You are in your vehicle and you have 7 gears, otherwise known as your 7 chakras. Your mind, your life, your reality and your body are always coming from one of these gears, which are levels of consciousness; so as you have a body you are always in one of 7 gears. The gear you are in is significant because your expression of life is determined by it.

If I describe the consciousness of each gear, you will not only know which gear you are in, but how to shift up to the next gear. You can also select a lower gear at any time, however, once you're cruising in the higher gears, you won't want to be stuck in traffic.

Gear 1 – Base Chakra

All the gears are connected to glands that secrete chemicals into our bodies and the base is both the base of the spine and the male sexual organ. The consciousness here is that of survival, including procreation for survival. A person who is in first gear will find it difficult to 'grow' because their focus will be on survival. The reason we have austerity and poverty in our World is because the 'powers that be' don't want the people to wake up and bring an end to their criminal cabal. One cannot become enlightened if one is focussed upon survival.

Gear 2 – Sacral plexus

Interestingly the woman's sexual organs are higher than the man's. This is your emotional body, including any bias towards your blood family. We can talk about all the emotions until the cows come home, if you like, but suffice to say here that emotions are the result of (the aftermath of) your efforts to be in control, regardless of the outcome.

Gear 3 – Solar plexus – Adrenal glands

This is the consciousness of deceitful power – all aspects of control from the most obvious to the most subtle are here, including playing the roles of victim and tyrant.

Gear 4 – Heart Centre – Thymus gland

This is the consciousness of authentic power (unconditional love) – it is the absence of the consciousness of the first 3 gears. It is giving without any strings attached. It has to be 100% in order to take this gear..

Gear 5 – Throat Centre – Thyroid gland

This is the consciousness of 'Living and speaking your truth without duality' The 'without duality' bit means your first 3 gears are kaput. Once here there is no desire to drop a gear.

Gear 6 – Rear of Neck – Pineal gland

The master lives in a wacky World. All is seen and it's a very different view to the lower gears. Surprise appearances. Words fail to describe. The birth of the paranormal in you. You arrive when you never in any way reduce anyone/anything to a body or an image.

Gear 7 – Between your Eyebrows – Pituitary gland

Christ consciousness, Soul completion and the extraordinary Radiant Health.

Please indulge me a little longer so we can take a look at how we move through the gears..

Firstly, you can only go to top gear if you have these 3 qualities:

1. Responsibility - taking responsibility for your own evolution.
2. Desire - the desire to 'know'; to go and get the higher knowledge.
3. Courage - the courage to change and integrate your new truths.

Moving out of first gear is quite a task because most people are 'survival focussed' and it's a deliberate ploy by the 'powers that be' to keep you stuck there.

Who are the governments in debt to? The creditors are always the ones who hold the power. If the governments were really the governors, they would put the international bankers out of business....

So you have to solve this issue for yourself and it doesn't matter how you solve it. What matters is you free yourself from the yoke. A male whose mind is constantly occupied by his loins is also severely challenged and he is temporarily stuck in first gear.

The gear ratios are close between 1st and 2nd and of course people's financial circumstances causes much emotion. Mastery over one's emotional body only comes on the heels of wisdom and wisdom accelerates if one desires it – go within and desire 'to know'. A few years ago I wrote a helpful exercise, which you can access by searching emotional mind hooks. Moving out of 2nd gear also requires you to treat your neighbour as if they were your family and your family as if they were your neighbour. The close family image in this World is an illusion.

The gear ratios between 2nd and 3rd are also close because we feel in 2nd what has been swimming around in our heads in 3rd. So emotional mastery is mental mastery in 3rd gear. You have to purge all aspects of control from your life and boy (girl) they're very subtle.

You can't cruise in 4th until your lower gears are kaput. For instance, if you are managing to give unconditionally, via practice (like I am doing now), but there's still one or more people in your life that you are manipulating; then you are in 3rd and not 4th. Everything in your life plays off the gear you are in, which is always your lowest point of energy.

The gear ratios between 4th and 5th are very close because unconditional love generally accompanies entities who live for themselves. I say entities because there are civilisations elsewhere who cruise in the high gears and maybe you wouldn't regard some of them as people. Shifting into 4th is the biggest step in your evolution.

The consciousness of the 4th and 5th gears is without duality, meaning the duality consciousness of the first 3 gears is absent. You can't have a polarised consciousness and an unpolarised one at the same time! I am sure everyone can see that. This is why it is said that the quintessential place to be is where the Gold (X rays) meets the Blue (UV rays). Imagine that..

The shift from 5th into 6th gear and the difference between these 2 chakras is whether or not it's still important to go into the basement. People will tell you that it's natural to go there, but then people always argue for their limitations. I am telling you that it's unnatural. There's nothing natural about reducing yourself to a body. The kingdom of men and women is the body. The kingdom of gods is the mind. When basement living loses its importance, you are in the penthouse.

In practice you have to stretch your consciousness to the 7th gear in order to pull your lowest point of energy up into 4th gear. Then you are 'complete'.

Getting to 7th gear is getting back to where you started. So let's go back up the path and look at that. You and I came out of the void as consciousness, pure mind no body. We followed the primary consciousness, like clones of it. There was nothing you had that I wanted and there was nothing I had that you wanted. We moved away from the primal consciousness and in doing so created 7th gear in 2D (no body, pure mind).

As we ventured further away from primary (Point Zero) we created 6th gear also in 2D – pure mind. When we increased our distance further away from Point Zero our energy (frequency) slowed and an atmosphere was created – now we had 3D and the first body was born (X-ray frequency) - 5th gear.
As our energy slowed further the perfect Blue body was formed (UV) - 4th gear. This is why I said earlier that the quintessential place to live is where the Gold meets the Blue. All of the highest consciousness is in the Blue body!

There is no body consciousness in 6th and 7th gears. The only reason we're not all enlightened down here is because we live as if we are something that we're not – our 'physical' bodies. The truth is – we are Spirit in the material and when we live as such we live from 6 & 7th level mind. Now here's the interesting thing – when we live from this mind the perfect Blue body becomes the template for our physical bodies, as there is no corruption coming from the emotional and controlling bodies (2 & 3).

You now have the evolutionary track to walk in and when you are in 3rd gear your journey will become very clear to you. The old paradigm of 'everybody ages and everybody dies' is hereby replaced by the potential of everyone to change that by doing a journey through consciousness. I am in joy to be of service to you ~ Gary Bate.

P.s. I can lead a horse to water but I'm a fool if I try to make it drink. Gone are the days that I try to convince or persuade anyone. I just share my truth. There's never an issue for me in that. As for you; it's always your free will choice.

So for me, with no resources other than my mind, I reasoned that the best way I could help you was to draw upon my wisdom and make the Spiritual journey as clear as I can. I hope you like this additional analogy and choose to share this with as many people as you can.

Imagine you're living in a house with 7 windows in it - 3 downstairs and 4 upstairs. Your lower windows are open and your upper ones are closed. To open your upper windows you have to close your lower ones. The view out of the upper windows is much better but you're addicted to looking out of the lower ones..

The lower views are all about your body and the image of yourself that you like to portray to the World. So it's all about your body, your emotions and the subtle ways you try to manipulate people. You live to bring pleasure to your body in many different ways..

The upper view is very different; it's living for your mind and not your body. This is why the upper windows only open when the lower ones are closed. You can go up and down the stairs as many times as you like, but you will never get an upper view until you have closed your downstairs windows.

A person who lives upstairs is not concerned with their body because they understand that their body automatically follows their mind and thus it is taken care of and beautiful. Their consciousness brings their state of being:

Beautiful mind = Radiant Health

There are no emotions upstairs; just new emotion each time the unknown is made known. It's called joy. I almost forgot to mention that when the lower windows get closed, there's a kind of bastardised replay of your life through the dreamstate and this is all the energy coming back to yourself that's necessary to open the 6th and 7th windows..

Think about it - has anyone ever built radiant health in the gym? No. Has anyone every achieved radiant health through diet? No. It can only be done through consciousness Does getting emotional energise you? No, it drains you.

Hand on your Heart - how much of your daily life is motivated by love - unconditional love? The permanent question on your mind should be, "Is this the most loving thing I can do right here, right now?"

There are too many self-proclaimed, self-righteous 'big-images' out there who are just in it for the money. Now you know what it takes to BE your higher (deeper) self. Your Spiritual journey is to close down your lower self and make a permanent shift upstairs for the best viewing ~ Gary Bate.

And finally:

The energy that creates the Christos in you is the same energy that creates an erection; it's all about where it sits in your body, which is determined by your lowest level of consciousness. So in all people the kundalini energy sits in one of seven chakras and the chakra in which it sits determines the individuals view..

Your brain is just a receiver of consciousness from the sea of consciousness we are all swimming in. It is a multi-level bio-computer able to receive all 7 levels (gears) of consciousness. The action of consciousness upon your brain is what produces your mind and your mind constantly orchestrates your DNA to bring your body into alignment with it - hence why I say radiant health is the result of a beautiful mind.

So where are YOU in all of this? Well, you have to be energy & consciousness because ALL is that, but you also have Spirit & Soul. Think of your Spirit as your Will and your Soul as the energy essence that captures (as memory) the adventures of your Spirit, which is you.

Your Spirit is the adventurer (you) and your Soul is your scribe, it records your adventures as emotional memory. So you are not a Soul. Where this Soul memory is accompanyed by wisdom it is complete but where the wisdom is missing it is called 'unfinished business' and the person is emotional. The journey to Christhood is 'Soul completion' and the affirmation 'I am complete' relates to this. When the Soul is full of wisdom it is said that it can be weighed against a feather. Imagine having adventures and having no memory of them. That's the reason you've got a Soul.

So what happens if an individual decides that they are going to ditch their groundless beliefs and they become more open-minded? What happens if the individual starts to willfully desire 'more' than the mundane? They start to open up 'to know'. Their brains start to open up to the higher frequencies of consciousness and their heads hurt and they get dizzy and all of that. But the result is a greater mind, a healthier body and a loftier perspective.

This is why Yeshua used to say, "Beloved God open me up to know". It was his Will that opened up his brain and shifted his kundalini energy to his 7th Chakra.

Gnosis means to know. Gnosticism is knowing through personal experience. Yeshua (Jesus) was a Gnostic and so was his wife..

Once you know the journey it's just about living your truth as you gradually step up. You never really lose anything; you just add more to your table. You cannot predict who will be in your future and who won't; you can only know the consciousness you will be. You are on the right track when you are driving your external reality from the conscious work you are doing internally..

To move your kundalini energy up into the highest chakras you have to bring your energy home that you leaked through the dualised consciousness of your lowest chakras (the first 3 gears). As you go through this seemingly never-ending process, you will have periods where you will have crazy dreams, almost like bastardised life replays, and your body will be very tired at such times. This is your energy coming home and if it's severe it's often referred to as the Dark night of the Soul. It's necessary..

If you need any help on your journey you can reach me through my website - just click the WhatStress icon below ~ Gary Bate.

* There's a lot more knowledge in both of my BOOKS